Iconic italian amaro,
since 1885

Our Founder Stanislao Cobianchi wanted to create a bottle as unique as the elixir it contains. This called for something different, something distinct. And thus, our iconic bottle was born. Although revisited over the years, it has and will always keep its distinctive vial characteristic, reminiscent of a potion conjured through alchemy.



Our liquor was born in 1885 with the name Elisir Lungavita and immediately received notable recognition. 11 years later, marking the marriage of the charming Princess Elena of Montenegro to Prince Vittorio Emanuele III, Stanislao decided to dedicate his storied elixir to her royal highness, changing it’s name to Amaro Montenegro.


Crafted from a secret blend of 40 botanicals
collected from all over the world. Here are just a few.

Amaro Montenegro THE VERO BARTENDER 2018 - Global final

On November 27th, the global final of our mixology contest was held in the splendid setting of Palazzo De Toschi in Bologna. 10 countries for 10 finalists who have competed in many twist on classic based on Amaro Montenegro. The first global winner from Spain, Andrea Civettini with his Flor de Montes has been awarded a 3-day workshop in London alongside the best bartenders. Cheers!

Amaro Montenegro RESIDENCY PROGRAM 2018

The ten global finalist of The Vero Bartender contest were invited to a 5 day trip between Bologna, Firenze and Rome together with some of the world’s most famous and influential bartenders to discover and learn all the secrets of Italy and it’s drinking culture.

Amaro Montenegro THE VERO BARTENDER 2018 - Germany final

On September 17th, Markus Müller won the Berlin final of The Vero Bartender with The Journey, a precious twist on the Martinez, a timeless classic. A mix of ingredients collected around the world to honor Stanislao Cobianchi and its quest to find the perfect mix of herbals of Amaro Montenegro.

Amaro Montenegro THE VERO BARTENDER 2018 - UK final

Aleks Jaworska has triumphed in the London final of September 24th with his Aperitivo Francescano, a drink inspired by the story of Stanislao Cobianchi and the perfect combination of flavors inside Amaro Montenegro. An original twist on the Bobby Burns cocktail with the soul of a true “Italian-style” aperitivo.

Amaro Montenegro Residency - Teaser 2017

The Montenegro Residency is a 6-day immersion trip for leading mixologists to learn about and partake in the culture of Montenegro's place of origin. The residents visited the most famous and characteristic bar in Milan, Rome and Bologna.

Amaro Montenegro Nights @ Gramercy Park Hotel with Urban Daddy

Right people and great cocktails for an unforgettable experience upon the rooftop of the Gramercy Park Hotel with Urban Daddy.

Amaro Montenegro Group @ Tales of The Cocktail 2017

Watch the "After Hours" of the Montenegro group with House of Yes. Burlesque, contortionists, aerial acrobats. One-Eyed Jack was the perfect venue for the event. MonteMule Montenegro and Mezcal, and the original Venetian Spritz Select were just some of the excellent drinks served.

Amaro Montenegro - Petrantoni's artwork (Making of)

Inspired by Montenegro's curiously complex and unforgettable flavor, Petrantoni's art installations juxtapose 19th century iconography with contemporary graphics featuring the 40 botanicals and signature flavor notes that make up Amaro Montenegro.

Amaro Montenegro - Colossal Media Murales (making of)

Lorenzo Petrantoni, Colossal Media and agency Armando Testa’s mural for Amaro Montenegro fuses the amaro brand’s historical legacy with a modern twist

Amaro Montenegro flavor's is so rich and versatile that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways: straight or on the rocks but also for revisiting classic cocktail or crafting innovative drinks.


Amaro Montenegro

Sweet Vermouth


angostura bitter

An original twist on one of the most popular classics of the Italian tradition, this cocktail replaces bitter side with Amaro Montenegro's delicately herbal flavor, making the drink sweeter and more approachable.


Pour all the ingredients into a tumbler, fill it with a lot of ice, add the Angostura bitters, Mix and twist an orange peel.


Serve in a tumbler and garnish with an orange twist.

2018 San Francisco
Spirit Competition
Founded in 2000, the San Francisco World Spirits Competition is one of the oldest and most respected world’s spirits competitions of its kind. With nearly two decades of experience, their operation has become a fine-tuned masterpiece that blends passion and professionalism, due in large part to their esteemed judges.

2017-2018 Best Bitter
in the World
Founded in 1969 IWSC Competition is proud to set the international benchmark for quality remaining unique in the crowded world of drinks competitions.

2018 China Wine &
Spirits Awards
The China Wine & Spirits Awards is the biggest and most prestigious Wine & Spirits competition in China. All the judges are carefully selected for being the top buyers of wines and spirits in the market and are importers, distributors, retailers and sommeliers. Wines and spirits are from 55 countries and they are ‘blind tasted’.

2017 Best Bitter
in the World
SIP Awards stands apart as one of
the most internationally recognized
consumer judging spirits